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What We Do

Hadrian’s Wall Capital was established in 2010 to provide investment advisory services in the credit markets. Our core experience is in secured and structured credit, including equipment finance, SME finance, commercial finance, infrastructure, property and residential real estate. Our traditional approach to credit focuses on the credit fundamentals of borrowers, the security arrangements governing collateral, the loan transaction and legal structure and the operational risk of servicers.

The objective is to identify and understand credit investments which represent an attractive risk/return profile supported by an appropriate control and servicing environment. We have a particular interest in identifying value through the liquidity premium inherent in the under-served real economy (non-financial) SME secured credit sector. Our experience allows us to appreciate the important credit factors which influence performance in this sector.

Our approach has developed from over 150 years of combined experience of our senior management team through many credit cycles. Our team represents a unique combination of specialist experience in debt origination, structuring, trading, portfolio management, servicing, collections and recoveries. These competencies span a range of secured debt asset classes including, auto financing, CP conduits, debt collection, equipment finance, SME finance, CDO/CLOs, commercial finance, infrastructure, CMBS, RMBS, CRE and residential real estate.

Our clients have included private placement investors, funds and fund managers. Clients benefit from our distinctive approach of concentrating on underlying credit risk, collateral risk and operational risks. Such an approach helps clients achieve the twin objectives of stable returns and capital preservation.

Security over assets. Stability of returns. Sustainable partners.

Who we are

Hadrian’s Wall Capital AG is a Limited Liability Company by shares registered in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. Hadrian’s Wall Capital Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hadrian’s Wall Capital AG.

Hadrian’s Wall Capital Limited is a Private Limited Company incorporated in England with a registered number 07203454 with its registered office at Quadrant House, 6th Floor, Thomas More Square, London E1W 1YW. Hadrian’s Wall Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – FRN 599238.

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