Secured Lending - Stable Returns

The Transformation of Secured Lending

As an adviser, we seek to help our clients achieve attractive risk adjusted returns in the secured credit market. Our particular focus is the private, secured credit markets which we believe reflect attractive relative value and are the subject of transformative growth processes resulting from structural changes in financial markets. The structured and secured credit markets reward those prepared to expend the effort to understand risk factors and mitigants in depth.

We believe that the strategic value of our approach reflects the impact of the on-going structural disintermediation of the traditional banking sector throughout the credit markets. This disintermediation is unfolding as a consequence of regulatory, technological and market evolution and is resulting in a structural transformation of the composition of financial markets participants who provide secured financing to both consumer and corporate borrowers.

Our Company

Our Process

Hadrian’s Wall Capital AG is a Limited Liability Company by shares registered in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. Hadrian’s Wall Capital Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hadrian’s Wall Capital AG. Hadrian’s Wall Capital Limited is a Private Limited Company incorporated in England with a registered number 07203454 with its registered office at Quadrant House, 6th Floor, Thomas More Square, London E1W 1YW. Hadrian’s Wall Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – FRN 599238.

We undertake a multi-faceted approach to analysing risk and investment opportunities which generally involves the following factors:

  • An assessment of the macro economic factors
  • An identification of sectoral risk factors and their mitigants
  • Evaluation of obligor specific credit factors
  • The robustness of legal and structural protections
  • The value and accessibility of collateral supporting the obligation
  • Use of our proprietary business intelligence technology

This combined approach helps us understand the relative risk return characteristics of particular opportunities and identify attractive relative value propositions.