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Hadrian’s Wall Capital was established in 2010 to provide investment advisory services in the credit markets.

We are the Investment Adviser to private fund focused on financing UK businesses.

Our fund provides secured lending to a wide range of UK SME businesses. We work with our origination partners to source SME loans in a variety of industries throughout the UK.  Our traditional approach to lending brings unique benefits to our partners, including:

  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Bespoke Amortisation
  • Range of Maturities: 3 to 10 years
  • Flexible Collateral Requirements
  • Loan Size Range: £2 to £15 million
  • Solutions Driven Approach

Our eligible sectors in secured credit include: SME commercial finance, equipment finance, infrastructure, intellectual property, project finance, commercial and residential real-estate, renewable energy, MBI, MBO and debt restructuring.

Our traditional approach to credit focuses on the quality of management, the credit fundamentals of borrowers, the security arrangements governing collateral, the loan transaction and legal structure and the operational risk of the servicers.

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